Dun & Bradstreet
For over 175 years, Dun & Bradstreet has used the power of business data, insight, and analytics to help companies grow worldwide.


Expand and link D&B's global database of 250 million businesses and 100+ million professional contacts with industry-vertical and niche datasets provided by a network of data partners.

Our Role

D&B needed a performant, data-consistant, scalable, developer-friendly API and data management platform to meet the demands of its growing API customer-base and expanding data partner network, as well as showcase Data Exchange at Dreamforce 2015.

We were brought in to design, implement, and support the Data Exchange offering from the ground-up. Starting with a proof-of-concept which demonstrated the viability of the technical approach, we built an agile team consisting of D&B and Sage IQ resources, developed a product backlog, project roadmap, trained engineers, and started building the platform. The project was expanded to included marketing & developer sites, integrations into Salesforce, and internal sales tools all built by Sage IQ.


Launched into production and showcased at Dreamforce, the Data Exchange continues to grow and represents an evolution of a 175 year old organization towards a modern platform-based company.


  • Data Exchange Platform
    • AWS (Amazon Web Services): VPC, ELB, Route53, S3, EC2 (Ubuntu & RHEL)
    • ElasticSearch
    • MongoDB
    • Apigee
    • Java, Jersey, Tomcat
    • Django 1.9, python 3.5, nginx, μwsgi
    • RabbitMQ, celery
  • Marketing Site
    • Django 1.9, python 3.5, Apache
  • Integration Hub
    • Django1.9, python3.5, nginx, μwsgi
    • Angular
    • Force.com: Apex, Canvas App, Force.com REST, Bulk, Meta-data APIs
  • Dev Tools
    • Jenkins
    • Fabric
    • Locust