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Sage IQ offers consulting, design, and implementation services for your business software needs. We bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in the areas of:

Platforms & Product Strategy

Need help formulating your product strategy? Is your existing product-based business being challenged by anemic growth and nimble competitors? Would you like to explore a platform-based approach? We will help you build a strategy, and develop the business & technology architecture to achieve your business goals.

Enterprise & Application Architecture

Do your existing technology capabilities match your business strategy? Do you need a technology roadmap to achieve your future business goals? Do you need help architecting a business critical software application? We bring years of Enterprise Architecture, and Solution/Application Architecture experience to the table.

Software Development & Integration

We offer the gamut of software development services, including design, proof-of-concepts, prototypes, production code, testing, deployment, and support. We are proficient in a host of technologies that span the entire application stack. We work with a cloud based platforms such as Amazon AWS, as well as on-premise infrastructure.


Sage IQ has extensive experience in the following domains:

Sales & Marketing

Want to enable ecommerce across all sales channels? We bring deep domain and implementation expertise for end-to-end omni-channel ecommerce scenarios. Need to reduce sales friction? We build sales productivity tools for lead management, product configuration, guided selling, proposal generation, analytics, and more. Want all of this to work seamlessly with your existing CRM system? Our integration services will take care of that.

Business Platforms

Can your existing product-based business evolve into a platform (think Uber, Airbnb, etc.)? Want to harness the power of network effects? Do you wish to create a self-sustaining ecosystem of value producers, consumers, and enhancers? We can examine your business domain and offer advice on viability and approach to transform into a Platform. We can help you quickly prototype and vet the approach. If it checks out, we can architect and implement the platform as well.


We specialize in building RESTful APIs that securely expose your data and capabilities to internal/external systems and developers. We start with an inventory your domain, data, and capabilities. We then design and implement logical API endpoints, and all the necessary management capabilities to secure, monetize, track, and report your API usage.

Agile Software Development

With over a decade of Agile development experience, we offer a very pragmatic approach to Agile. We specialize in building and mentoring agile development teams that deliver quality software consistently and on time. We educate and guide teams through the entire Agile development process - creating product backlogs, conducting sprint and release planning, developing software, tracking and reporting progress, performing sprint demos, and continuous improvement via retrospectives.


Leadership Team

Ojas Patel

Managing Partner

Prior to founding Sage IQ, Ojas helped found the innovation lab at Hoover’s where he developed cutting edge proof-of-concepts, user-interfaces, and technologies; he architected & developed innovative applications around complex solution configuration, data-center thermal & power modeling, and proprietary product lifecycle management applications. Ojas holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from WKU.

Sreeni Sathyanarayana

Managing Partner

Prior to joining Sage IQ as a managing partner, Sreeni was a Senior Enterprise Architect at Dell where he architected their industry leading multi-channel e-commerce and solution configuration platforms. He spent 12 years at Dell in the roles of a senior software developer & lead, application architect, and enterprise architect. Sreeni holds an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University.

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